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Get ready for a true revolution in hair dryers

The Infiniti PRO by Conair® 3Q® Styling Tool, featuring Advanced
Brushless Motor Technology.


The advanced brushless motor in the 3Q® dryer provides up to 70% more air pressure for ultra-fast drying* with lower temperature to minimize the time hair is exposed to the damaging effects of heat.

* As compared to other Conair DC motor dryers


The 3Q® dryer is powerful yet quiet, with patent-pending noise-reduction technology resulting in up to 40% less noise.** **Versus 3Q dryer without noise-reduction technology


The brushless motor in the 3Q® dryer uses magnets and electronics to power the motor, which extends the life of the dryer by up to 10X.*** Standard dryer motors use carbon brushes that wear out over time, causing the motor to stop working. ***As compared to standard AC motor dryers